I have extensive experience in web development and all kinds of television and film production as follows...

Self Employed Freelancer
I have been working with Barnardos Australia recently on many different projects, including building their online donation system from scratch.

I have also been working with BNS Group building web application consoles for their SMS and Fax products and windows services which integrate with the Microsoft Graph API.

Taronga Zoo Database Coordinator
Whilst administrating and managing the zoo's databases, I completely revolutionized this role at Taronga taking it from manual data processing to a fully automated platform built in .net. I also administrated the sales force marketing cloud instance and designed and implemented marketing automations.

WWF Australia (World Wildlife Fund) Senior Digital Developer
I was tasked with development of WWF-Australia's Digital Fundraising Platform, including SQL database design and management, design integration, construction of web services to handle transactions from all landing pages and a campaign rollout content management system, all built in .net. The system utilizes foundation framework for the front end in conjunction with .net for the back end to ensure all pages work on all platforms and browsers from mobiles, tablets to desktops.

I also built the www.earthhour.org.au website and also built all of WWF's online petitions and eDM's.

Self Employed Freelancer
I worked with World Animal Protection on various projects, including a redesign and management of their SQL database, construction of web services to handle transactions from campaign sub sites, a campaign rollout and content management system and a mobile site campaign rollout and content management system all built in vb.net. I developed the bricks for bears website in June 2012 and an additional website aiding fundraising for WAP's bear sanctuary program.

Big Fish Group
Testify Candidate Registration and Reference Checking System Development

QBT Consulting PTY LTD
I was responsible for all software development tasks that QBT required, from winforms to websites. One of my first tasks completed was an invoicing, payment and marketing system for The Concrete Institute of Australia. I also converted a lot of legacy asp websites to the latest .net technologies, rebuilt the company website, and implemented code version control and base classes for rapid application development.

Custom Web Solutions PTY LTD
I was lead developer and project manager, and was responsible for both site builds and site design. In January 2006 I undertook building a CMS solution utilizing ASP.NET which has grown into the product PhatCMS. Previous to this I built and maintained a CMS system built in classic ASP. Some website builds in this period include but not limited to:

GravityMax PTY LTD
I was the developer of a major project for 3 Mobile, generating web based phone emulators for their kiosk stores. After that project completed, I went on to build websites with Gravitymax's infomaxim CMS system which included site builds for AC Neilson, Yates, Kennards Hire and Barter Card.

Harrow Productions PTY LTD
I was originally employed as the Technical Team Leader at Harrow but soon I was moved onto work on the swish products e-commerce system. I was the project manager and code developer who under took a complete rebuild of the swish product e-commerce system, including a complete affiliate system all utilising ASP and SQL. This took daily sales from 33 copies to an average of 133 copies per day within 3 months. I then built an on-line support system, a customer database mailing tool which also boost sales, and then undertook the rebuild of the public website in PHP and store to handle their new products. I was also working on harrow clients including Moove, Aussie Home Loans and others. I also built the harrow intranet/extranet.

GlobalHost PTY LTD
I completed an extended contract with Globalhost to design and implement their hosting strategy to a functional web based platform. I developed the site with 7 versions in 6 months to include the DNS look up tool, the customer registration processes all using ASP and SQL, Customer interface to their hosting service which by the way included a self maintainable web site with shopping cart if they required. I then developed a rollout tool which could set up the hosting platform re-branded within half and hour. Not finished yet, I extended and scaled the hosting platform to include an intranet and extranet system, then an internal project management/time keeping system.

iNetwork PTY LTD
I was Lead Developer at a small internet development company. Projects that I lead included:

Baker & Mckenzie ITC Law Alert
I was the Developer and Production Manager for this project. This site has now been redeveloped, had over 50000 subscribers worldwide and featured Active Server Pages and SQL Databases. I was flown to Chicargo, US by Bakers to deploy the site, and review and consult on their other web based projects.

iKBase Internet Knowledge Base
I had a huge part in the development of the Application Service Provider product for iNetwork, from initial conception and design, all the way through to the final phases of Product Documentation, On-line Help and Useability redesign ready to launch. This was a web based CRM app, years before any web based CRM app existed! I spent over 18 months on the project all the while juggling his other responsibilities to always get the job done, on time and on budget. IKBase relied heavily on Active Server Pages and Microsoft's Structured Query Language for its database.

Chux/Astra Gloves Relaunch
I developed a multi media solution for the relaunch of this product. It included a presentation to be shown at the launch, as well as a promotional CD-ROM to be given out. I developed the user interface for the CD, as well as conceptualise the introduction animation. This project used Macromedia Flash browser based pages, which can be easily converted to a web site.

ninemsn Australia
I was responsible for the day to day management of ninemsn's portal and was the sole developer for the inital launch, then several site rebuilds, as well as many of the sub sites housed under the portal. I always managed to bring the site together on time and under budget with limited resources. I experienced a trip to Mecca, going to the first MSN Portal conference at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Seattle. I built the very first ninemsn portal using Active Server Pages and the internal Microsoft product MPS or Microsoft Personalisation Server. I was also responsible for the following projects:

ninemsn community technical lead
I was Technical Lead for several community projects including one of the biggest ever celebrity Internet chats with Metallica. I developed the browser based 2-pane chat running off ninemsn's chat servers, and uploaded live photos during the event. This solution was used from then on as the system used to do live interviews.

ninemsn surfcam (site now defunct)
Surfcam was a site with cameras set up to show pictures of Sydney's best surfing beaches. I was program manager of the Surfcam site, coordinating all aspects of the site including setting up of live remote web cameras to the construction and design of the site. I utilised many different software solutions to achieve this project.

ninemsn CNU Perceptual Robotics interactive camera on site camera technician
I was responsible for the above mentioned camera for quite a few live events like the 1998 Logies in Melbourne and the last Easter Show at Moore Park. I conceptualised and developed several other camera projects that were very close to going live, including Snow Cam and Harbour Cam for ninemsn.

The Microsoft Network Australia - merged with Ninemsn
I was responsibile for the freespace public preview website, and built several high end Macromedia Flash (then FutureSplash) components for the msn site and also set up personalisation systems on the site. The freespace as it was known was the first site in Australia to use the new media technologies such as Macromedia's Flash.

Globe Interactive Pty Ltd - merged with The Microsoft Network Australia
I produced a series of corporate films for Globe Interactive Director Justin Milne, as well as Web Development on several projects. I also administered the Macintosh network for this company.

Beyond International Ltd
I worked on the TV Magazine style shows Level 23 and The Zone and was responsible for the Production Co-ordination of 3 SP Beta-cam Crews. I also administered the Macintosh network within the company.

A Couple A Cowboys Pty Ltd.
I was involved as a production assistant in all facets of media production here, from TVC's to Film Trailers, Video Board Games to Television Shows like Wonder-World etc. I also administered the Macintosh network within the company.

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